What You Need To Know About Tampa

What You Need To Know About Tampa

Tampa is known as the country seat of Hillsborough County as well as being the biggest city in West Central Florida. This city experiences a humid subtropical climate and its location on the Gulf of Mexico offers mild weather in the winters due to the warm Gulf Stream. However, there are occasions in winter when the temperature drops to freezing at night. This is usually rare and from the month of spring through to the fall the weather is typically humid and warm which often makes it unpleasant to participate in outdoor activities.

Understanding Tampa

Tampa is located on the northern shore of Tampa Bay and Bradenton is located on the south shore and Saint Petersburg is situated to the west side of the bay. The business center downtown in this city can be found on the northern shore of the Hillsborough Bay and the Ybor City is located to the east. Other prominent places include the MacDill Air Force Base which is found in South Tampa and the southern tip.


Tampa has been divided up into five main districts that spread out from Downtown that is located in the south-center that lies between the Ybor Channel and Hillsborough River. The area known as West Tampa which was previously a separate city spreads across the Hillsborough River and is located west of Downtown. The area known as South Tampa is a very big residential area that spreads to south along the area of the Interbay Peninsula. The historical city known as Ybor is situated on the north-eastern side of Downtown. The area is known as East Tampa which is historically the African-American part of this city is situated in the north part of Ybor City. The area known as North Tampa is what forms the suburban and urban sprawl and is found north of the Bush Boulevard.

The People In Tampa

Tampa is described as an extremely diverse city. The very first residents were members of a Seminole Indian tribe and the soldiers were stationed at the Fort Brook to control this reservation. This particular town was mainly a military town up to the stage of the 1880s when the city experienced its fist waves of major immigration from Sicily, Spain and Cuba. Today Tampa is the home to some native Floridians that include Italians, Spaniards, Cubans and Seminoles.

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