Las Vegas NV Restaurants That Should Get Your Attention

Las Vegas NV Restaurants That Should Get Your Attention

It’s back to Las Vegas we go, and just so you know, there are nearly 5,000 restaurants there. How would anyone ever be able to visit them all? While you don’t want to visit each one, you would appreciate some picks of establishments that aren’t going to disappoint. In a city like Vegas, you really don’t expect any restaurants to disappoint, but there is always the bottom of the barrel. So let’s look at four more top picks in terms of great restaurants in Las Vegas that await your arrival.

Triple George Grill looks like a really neat place to visit. It has a downtown storefront look to it, and it is located on North 3rd Street. You’re talking about pot roast, stuffed shrimp, steak and much more. One reviewer says that the restaurant is close to Fremont Street, which is a popular location in Las Vegas. Pictures show guests enjoying drinks, and a cozy atmosphere to the restaurant is mentioned as well.

La Cave is another restaurant that is quite popular in Vegas. If you haven’t already guessed, it has French ties, which means you expect a more sophisticated atmosphere. The menu highlights mention lettuce cup, roasted beets and more. This tapas restaurant is located on Las Vegas Boulevard South, where you can find all kinds of things going on.

Ellis Island Barbecue is up next, and it is found on Local Lane. Not only can you get the steak special there according to the menu highlights, but you can also get steak and eggs. That’s a nice mix, alerting you to the fact that it’s a great spot for brunch. Many of the restaurants in Vegas even serve up food in the middle of the night, but again, it still is helpful knowing which of them are worth visiting to grab a meal.

The fourth pick is called Grotto, and Grotto is located on Fremont Street. So you have another top place to grab a bite to eat in the Fremont Street area. This establishment serves up pizza, stuffed mushrooms and other delicious Italian dishes. It is a pretty sizable restaurant, and reviewers talk about the shark tank. This restaurant is part of the Gold Nugget Hotel. It sounds like you’ve got four great picks here, and it might depend on just where you are at in Vegas as to where you might want to eat for your next meal.

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