Las Vegas News From The City That Never Sleeps

Las Vegas News From The City That Never Sleeps

Las Vegas is certainly always hopping with news, including entertainment news. Do you live in Vegas? If you do, you can’t help but hear at least some of the news I’m sure. However, I bet it’s hard to keep up with all of the headlines. What’s going on in Vegas that you don’t know about yet? Let’s take a look at those headlines.

There was an inmate that was at a conservation camp and just walked away. How did that happen? It was north of Las Vegas, and he was able to get picked up by a driver. Did he have that orchestrated with the driver, or was he hitchhiking? Authorities do not know yet, but he was able to just walk out of the camp. It was around 6 pm when the inmate was reported missing.

The inmate was serving a 29-60 month sentence. You can imagine that his sentence is going to be extended significantly once he is caught. So far, he is still on the run though. In other news, there are cats that have been rescued from the fires in California, and some are being taken to Nevada. Another news headline in Vegas is about police searching for an armed robbery suspect.

Police only have a description of the suspect, and it is the employee of the business that was robbed that gave them the description. You will have to look at the description so that you can be on the lookout to help police catch this suspect. Obviously, you don’t want to approach the suspect if you see him. Instead, you want to notify authorities immediately. Now that’s your Vegas news for Sunday evening, and it’s time to sign off and put those headlines in the books. Of course, this city never sleeps, does it?

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